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The "Gun Trust/Corporate" loophole for NFA items was moved to June of this year, now politics has prevailed and they are saying it will be a year or more before they address the issue - in other words, after the elections.

Not all suppressors are created entirely equal, although, on any given suppressor you have about $50 of materials. The rest is marketing, research and development, labor, operations, and profit. The first thing we recommend is that you do your homework! Go to, or, read the various user comments on the models you are interested in. Next, go to, and make sure you are in a room where you can close the doors, and crank up the volume. In most cases, you will get a very accurate idea of how much the suppressor(s) are suppressing the noise. If there is a suppressor you are looking that you don't see on our site, send us an email! We carry more than what is on our site. Same for SBRs!

Last, but not least, there are some things in the industry to be aware of. Some wholesalers have gotten so big, they are taking money from dealers for suppressors they don’t have in stock yet. Unfair to you, unfair to the dealer. That is why we deal exclusively with only a few wholesalers. Others stress what a big inventory they have, and that’s great, but, in the event we are out of a particular model,  we can have a serial number in 24 – 48 hours. That would only add 4 weeks to the purported 3 months to get a tax stamp through the e-file system, which we are doing. Some of the guys in Austin have lowered their prices about $100, the same as it would cost you for a NFA transfer. In that case, you would not be saving anything, as compared to buying from NT-Armament. Also, the non over the counter transfers add more time to your wait.

Starting to see improvement with the tax stamps, was up to almost 11 months, now seeing some from May. They are still having multiple problems with the e-file system - check our Facebook page for details.

There are some cases when a dealer sold you one they haven't even paid for, and can cause up to 8 weeks delay.

SOTs received a letter from ATF, they are hiring 15 new people, cross training personnel from other departments, and moving to daily processing (7 days per week). Manually submitted forms will get priority. No word on when Form 3 and Form 4 submission will be available again. They have funds to redo the E-Forms site, which will be ongoing.


If you purchase a suppressor from us, send us a referral and they buy, your first new gun or optics purchase with us will be at our cost plus shipping! Same offer applies if you buy two suppressors for yourself!

**Subject to availability of course, but no time limit to take advantage of the offer!


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